The unseen threat to your business

Well it’s unseen if you choose not to see it, but it’s pushing it’s way into your “things I should probably take notice of” file on a daily basis.

If you owned a typewriter manufacturing business in 1984, you probably made lots on money. You’d also be established and respected. And 20 years later you’d be out of business because everyone stopped using your product.

Well we’re at the start of a new Industrial Revolultion and EVERY business is being affected by it, some positively and some negatively.

Hint – If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, your in the latter group and your business is already bleeding, so pay attention, I’m about to tell you what to do about it …

The businesses that prosper, are not the ones with the best products and services, staff and management. The business that prosper are the ones that market themselves better than their competitors.

Back when typewriters sat on every secretarys desk, marketing meant Yellow Pages advertising, Local or newspaper and magazine advertising and leaflet drops. Often, a salesman was hired to follow up on the leads and close sales. Break even was considerd as a win, because most businesses couldn’t manage that consistantly. You knew that a lot of your ad spend was wasted, but you didn’t know how to improve it, other than to advertise more.

Well that’s changed, dramatically …

Imagine that you could do a leaflet drop to everyone in your county, or city. But this is a very special leflet drop …

Anywhere from a few hundred to many thousands of leaflets are delivered every day but only to people who are currently interested in your product or service. You can split test the leaflet design to see which one gets the best reponse.

What’s more, you only pay when those people then take some action, like visiting your website.

You can change your leaflet every day if you want to and you can choose to pause delivery or ramp it up, whenever suits you.

You can measure and track enquiries and sales generated.

Oh and the cost is relative to your business sector, so lawyers pay more than hairdressers.

Of course you can’t actually buy a leaflet drop that works like that. How do you figure out who’s interested in what you day, on that particular day?

But that’s exactly how Pay Per Click (PPC) Avertising works. The main provider being Google Adwords.

If you’ve always wanted to try Adwords but don’t know where to start, if you’ve tried and got poor results, or if you’ve been burned by some crappy agency, I can help.

If you’d like to find out more about how this form of advertising could work for your business, click here to request a Free, No Obligation Consultation.