Why Should You Hire Me?

Tony Scott - Director of Web Profit Solutions Limited

I’m Tony Scott, that’s me on the left nearing the top of “behind the lines” a 33m HVS rock climb at Hodge Close near Coniston.

For the companies that I work with, I’m their secret weapon – the person who gets results for them that leave their competitors scratching their heads, and wondering what’s going on.

Out of curiosity, and looking for new ways to promote my IFA business, I started experimenting with Online Marketing in early 2004. I quickly became obsessed with learning how marketing on the internet worked and formed Web Profit Solutions Limited in July of that year. At the time I was working in the Financial Services Industry and Online Marketing was a side business.

My intention was to transition full time into Web Marketing at some point, but when operating as a mortgage broker in 2008, the credit crunch hit and I made the decision to jump in head first. Since then I’ve worked with around 50 local businesses. Initially, building websites, but increasingly, helping them to generate more revenue online.

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Qualifications and Experience

Originally I was an engineer in the mid 70’s to late 80’s having completed a toolmaking apprenticeship and an ONC and HNC in Mechanical Engineering. I also spent a year in Northampton as a contractor, building a zinc plating plant. My engineering career has a gap of 18 months, during which I was a sales rep in Financial Services; a market sector that I’d later return to.

From 1992 – 2009 I was firmly in the Financial Services sector, and for 5 years ran my own IFA business. In addition to the standard qualifications, I studied for, and passed, Advanced Financial Services exams in Taxation and Trusts and Personal Investment Planning. I’ve also arranged over 500 mortgages. At the same time, from 2004 onwards, I was working part time as an online marketer.

I became a full time provider of Online Marketing Services in 2009 via my company Web Profit Solutions Limited, formed in 2004.

Since early 2009 I’ve been a member of Furness BNI in the Web Design and Online Marketing category. Every week I meet with over 20 other business owners to network and pass business.


I’m in my mid fifties so although I’m at the cutting edge of online business strategies in some respects I’m a little old fashioned. That means that if I say I’ll do something, it will be done. I hit deadlines, or let you know if there’s some reason why I can’t. I respond to emails and phone calls promptly, often within an hour or two and certainly within 24 hours.

With initial Web Design as an exception, much of what I do is highly data driven, using Google Analytics and often Google Adwords. It involves designing and implementing marketing systems, then testing and tweaking to obtain the best return on investment possible. I don’t guess, I test.

I work best with business owners who are driven to succeed and have a consitent approach to marketing their business. I become part of your team. If you struggle to make decisions, are prone to micro manage, or are unable to put time aside to work with me, we’re probably not a match.

I’m comfortable talking to business owners (I am one) and at boardroom level.

Hobbies and Interests

I’ve read a lot of marketing/psychology books, mostly when I was involved in direct selling.  As a consequence of this, I took a week long course in London with Richard Bandler, Paul Mckenna and Michael Breen to become a certified NLP Practicioner. Robert Cialdinis’ “Influence” is one of my favourite reference texts.

I’ve played tennis since I was 17 at local club level and have represented a number of clubs. I’ve also trained with top coaches at La Manga in Spain. I can ski a black run.

I spent 5 years rock climbing in the lake district and beyond up to E1 level. I’ve trekked through the Spanish Pyranees and explored Kenya on local transport. When I was 30, I lived on Crete for 3 months, becoming part of, and working in the local community.

I used to be pretty competent with a 12 bore, shooting clays, but I haven’t shot for a long time. For the past 2 years I’ve mainly played golf. Starting from complete beginner, I now struggle to play to my 18 handicap, usually going round in the low 90’s.

So what?

Ever been stuck at a social event with someone who wasn’t on the same wavelength as you?

Me too …

I realise that I’ve given out far more information about myself than you’ll usually see on a business website. And in general, lots of I, I, I text is frowned upon, but I have my reasons …

  1. If we have similar backgrounds and experiences, or you find something to realate to, we’re more likley to communicate well with each other. When you’re trusting me to push your business in the right direction online, and I’m trusting you to pay me, that’s important.
  2. I seek to demonstrate that I have a broad range of experience across a number of market sectors. That’s important for you to know, because it means that I’ll have an undertanding of who your customers are.

Your Next Step

You’re here for a reason but we both have no idea whether a profitable partnership lies ahead, so let’s find out …

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