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Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Outsource Your Digital Marketing It's official - the internet isn't a fad, it's not going away and most companies use it to advertise and promote their goods and services using: A website Your Google Local Business Listing Google Ads (PPC) Bing ads (PPC) Content Production Blogging Link Building Email Marketing Facebook and Facebook Ads Linkein [...]

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Owning a Website is Not an Online Marketing Strategy

Owning a Website is Not an Online Marketing Strategy I live 25 miles down a 35 mile cul de sac serviced by the A590 and for the last 7 years I've been talking to business owners about the marketing opportunities that the internet offers to them. I'm also connected to the Information Super Highway or [...]

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Has Anyone Seen my Typewriter?

The unseen threat to your business Well it's unseen if you choose not to see it, but it's pushing it's way into your "things I should probably take notice of" file on a daily basis. If you owned a typewriter manufacturing business in 1984, you probably made lots on money. You'd also be established and [...]

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What Used to Work … and What Works Now

If you run a real business, here's how things used to pan out, back in 1999 - when Google was still in nappies: A basic website cost £6,000 because it was built by a graphic designer who could translate his nice looking design from Photoshop (or whatever was used back then) into a website. [...]

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Making Your Website Sticky

Making your Website Sticky So you managed to attract some visitor to your website ... what are they going to do when they get there? Sure, they'll look at a few pages, maybe even call you (you're open for business at 9pm at night aren't you?), but these days, actively engaging your website visitors is [...]

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