Website Hosting and Support

In order for your website to work you need three things. A domain name like – The files that make up your website and hosting to store the files and deliver the website to multiple people simultaneously.

If someone else has control of your domain name, they have control of your online business. I highly recommend that you have your domain name in your own domain name registrar account. I use – it’s free to open an account and around £5 a year for your domain name.

I provide hosting, but if you want your own, make sure you get high quality hosting with very high quality support. Occasionally, there will be tech issues that you need to deal with.

For my website clients only:

  • Fast Hosting on my Cloud Server
  • Host independent backups mean that your website can easily be restored if it’s hacked or there are server problems.
  • Security software installation and configuration to reduce the chance of being hacked
  • Timely updates of WordPress, Plugins and Themes.
  • Minor updates without charge
  • Current cost is £30 per month

Reporting and Advice

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it, so this service gets you monthly reporting on what’s happening with your website. More than that, you get jargon free advice on what to do to improve things.

So if Google Analytics isn’t installed on your website, I’ll install it or work with your web people to do so. If it is installed but you can’t get access, I’ll sort that out. I’ll make sure that it is set up properly.

I’ll do the keyword research for your niche and track/report where you rank on Google monthly v your competitors if required.

I’ll check that your website structure is properly set up and that the mobile version of your site works properly. If there is no mobile site, I’ll advise you how to sort it out.

You’ll get an hour of my time every month, where I’ll sort out tech stuff (that’s relating to your online marketing, not IT systems) and answer any queries you have. If your’e thinking about doing something related to your website, but you’re not sure, just email me and I’ll get back to you asap. If you want to discuss your marketing and strategy, I’ll help you with that too.

The cost is currently £100 per month and I have 4 slots available.

Business Builder

In addition to reporting and advice, I’ll implement it for you. That will revolve around getting more traffic to your website and converting those visitors into leads and customers. If you run an ecommerce site, I’ll be driving sales and follow up marketing.

We’ll be setting up automated data capture and marketing systems to generate more business. This usually means offering some excellent free content in exchange for email contact info, followed by an automated series of timed emails designed to convert this list into customers. Follow up marketing to existing customers will also be in the mix.

It’s highly likely that I’ll set up and manage a small Google Ads pay per click (PPC) campaign. Probably some Facebook advertising too. And we’ll be retargeting your website visitors, so your marketing message follows them around the internet.

I’ll be actively working on your business for a day a month and the cost is currently £395 monthly. If we run a PPC campaign, you’ll need a similar budget for buying traffic.

I currently have only 3 slots available.


Full consulting is the natural progression from the Business Builder service. Once we’ve got everything on track, are generating enquiries cost effectively and are comfortable working with each other; it is time to ramp things up.

We’ll get laser targeted on what we want to achieve and develop a plan to get there.  I’ll dig deeper into every element of your online marketing, testing and tweaking as I do so.

I’ll drive more traffic to your website and improve the conversion rates until your automated marketing machine is humming along by itself.

Things change quickly online so I’ll monitor everything to make sure we stay ahead of the game.

I constantly research and network online with some of the sharpest marketers. When I do so it will be with your business in mind.

The cost for consulting is currently £1,000 per month and you’ll need a similar budget for buying traffic.

I currently only have 1 consulting slot available.

What to Expect

The cost of doing business i.e. generating enquiries online is around 20% of revenue generated. So £1 in and £5 out. If you do significant business on Amazon for example, that’s what it will cost you. If you sell accommodation space, that’s what laterooms etc. will charge you. They spend a good chunk of what you pay them on advertising to drive traffic to your offer.

Those numbers compare well with pre internet costings for yellow pages, or a salesman where £1 in £3 out was considered good.

So if you’re on the business builder package, you’ll be spending £790pm including online advertising budget. The inital target then is to generate an extra £4,000 per month in revenue for your business, attributable to your online marketing.

If you’re on the consulting package, you’ll be spending £2,000pm including online advertising budget. The initial target will be to generate and extra £10,000 per month in revenue for your business, attributable to your online marketing.

I have worked with companies where we acheived a 15 x return ie. additional sales of £30,000 a month on the consulting package. What can be acheived depends upon many factors including how strong or weak your competion is and how well you follow up and close the leads generated.

Over time, the return will increase as we market to existing customers. We’ll factor in lifetime customer value too, so if for example you run a dental practice a new customer is probably worth £2,500 to your business (£250 a year x 10 years) more if you’re selling Invisalign, Tooth whitening, Botox etc.

For ppc and shopping ads for Ecommerce websites the returns are higher, so we’d be looking to hit a 10 x return initially. I have seen roi’s up to 5,500% but that’s exceptional. It depends how competitive your space is.

You’ll need to factor in your margins bearing in mid that the margins on additional revenue generated in your business are higher as fixed costs don’t usually increase. Many of the non ecommerce companies that I work with have gross profit margins around the 30% range but profit on additional sales is nearer 50%. That means that when we hit increased revenues of 2x costs you’re at break even and I’m effectively on your team at zero cost.

Finally, if you’re currently spending £97pm for example on your online marketing and it’s not generating significant returns, now you know why.