Why you need a business website

Most businesses now recognize the need to have an online presence. This means that you as a business owner need to understand how business website design works. Large corporate organizations either have their own team of website designers, or outsource the task to a web design company.

For a smaller business however, the choice is usually between learning how to create your own business website, paying someone to do it for you, or listing your comany on local commerce portals.

Why your small business needs a website

The problem faced by most small business owners is that they are not usually internet marketing specialists, and have no desire to learn html code, or the inticacies of web site design and construction. What they care about is getting more leads, more orders, and more business.

This means advertising your business, and these days, that means having a business website. There are many advantages to be gained by advertising your business on the web, the primary one being that you can have unlimited content. Compare that to the amount of advertising space that you get for your money offline, and the benefits are clear. Offline, you may have only a few sentences to capture a readers interest. Online, you could easily build a 10 page website that describes your company and products or service fully, offers a means to take orders or enquiries, and has  integrated marketing tools that constantly reminded your prospects of your company. What’s more, you can change your business website content, or add to it, any time you want to.

Beware the small business website scamsters

Some web design companies target the small business market exclusively. Their pitch revolves around telling you that the service or product that you offer has many thousands of seaches a month on Google, and showing you examples of other small business websites that they’ve designed that are on the first page of Google.

Usually the number of searches that they quote is exagerated, or taken from unreliable data, and the top rankings are for terms that no-one searches for. Their proposition looks great, for only £497 and a £35 a month hosting fee, but in reality, it will be of little benefit to your business, if any.

How you can create your own business website

I’d urge all small business owners to discover how to utilize the power of the internet in their business. I know that your time is limited, and you would rather not think about it, but face it, you know that you need at least a homepage online.

I truly recommend that you take a little time, to design and create your own business website. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you will not have to learn html, and the payoff will benefit your business in many ways. Even if ultimately you decide to pay to have your website designed, you’ll be armed with knowledge that will mean you get a better website built by your designers.

You’ll find plenty of options online for website building software or platforms, that are practically cut and paste – all you have to do is supply the content and any images and you’re good to go. You can start small, upgrade and update it when you feel like it, and test how things work out, all for a few pounds and a little time.

If however, you don’t want to invest the time necessary to learn how to do it yourself and just want to get online fast – contact me to discuss your requirements.